Before vanishing over the water to elude the militia, an unidentified flying object is captured on camera by a fisherman (video).

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The topic of UFO sightings has always been one that generates a lot of interest and debate among those involved in the conversation. When you factor in all the legitimate reasons people have for doubting official accounts, conspiracies start to look like they might actually be happening.

One of these sightings happened a few years ago and was recorded. This impressive clip is likely the most fascinating Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) sighting ever recorded on video. Thanks to the strategic location and impeccable timing of the fisherman, the detail and clarity of the video are one of the best around.


Around ten years ago, a Spanish Fisherman captured and posted the video online. In the video, a UFO tried to escape from military jets before crashing into the water. The video has stayed public since the fisherman first uploaded it.Fisherman films UFO sighting as it escapes military by diving into oceanOn March 31, 2014, Captain Patrick Sheehan of US Coast Guard Cutter Marshal was on a routine patrol when he had a UFO sighting from his boat.
He was close enough to the craft that it’s wingspan appeared to be about the size of a commercial plane. It flew about 70 feet away from the boat and then darted straight into the ocean.The Coast Guard saw no evidence of an aircraft, but Sheehan said he has seen something similar before. On December 10, 2010, Captains Mark Allen and Ryan Anderson reported seeing a strange object flying at their altitude in international waters off Miramar Beach near San Diego. They say they watched it for about five minutes and it may have been an unmanned aerial vehicle or drone.Captain Sheehan’s UFO mystery is one of many ocean UFO sightings that have made headlines over recent years as extraterrestrial life becomes more credible with each passing day.


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