Observing numerous enigmatic flying objects that are thought to be UFOs appear above the water

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Captain Sheehan’s UFO mystery is one of many ocean UFO sightings that have made headlines over recent years as extraterrestrial life becomes more credible with each passing day.UFO xuất hiện trên bầu trời đêm sau đó lao xuống biển ở Hawaii

A UFO was spotted by this fisherman as he was fishing on the coast of New Zealand, when it started to move out of sight. He quickly grabbed his mobile phone and recorded the whole sighting. The video, which is now gone viral, shows a bright light in the sky that then quickly disappeared into the ocean.

What will happen if humans start to view natural phenomena like this differently?

However, this also sparked the discussion on the government’s alleged efforts to cover up such sightings. This UFO sighting, in particular, has helped cement the mythological status of the government cover-ups. The United States government may not be the focus at this time, but many have questioned why even the Spanish government would be trying to do the same.

As the clips show, the Spanish Air Force eagerly and mercilessly follows the unknown object. It even looked like the two parties were involved, as the item practically gave up at some point before deciding to descend into the water.

After a few seconds, a mysterious helicopter hovers over their boat and instructs them to hurry up and leave the site. As the helicopter leaves, the fishermen can be heard discussing what to do while they hurriedly return to their stations.

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The Spanish fisherman from Galicia decided to tell the world what he thought happened. He said that, after considerable thought, he felt that it was his obligation to disclose what happened there that day.


Recently, discussions about what happens when actual contact between extraterrestrial occurs. But what if we’ve always been in contact with them, and what if stronger forces are trying to cover them up?

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