Empowered Leadership: 7 Bold Women Undertake Daring Mission to Free 100 Trapped Horses

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I am pretty sure that very often people ask you what is the thing that you like the most about horses. Sometimes, they lack to understand this passion that we have for them, that’s why it looks surprising to them to see how dedicated we are to these wonderful creatures. Well, there are a lot of reasons to love horses and the most obvious one is simply the fact that they reflect such positive energy that makes you feel amazing when you are around them.




Second, horses are very loyal, the moment when you get to help them in a difficult situation or simply take care of them as always, they will feel forever grateful towards you. Not only with humans, but horses have amazing support for each other as well, especially when they are put in very critical situations where they need to fight for survival.






Such an example is the one in the video below. Let’s see what it is about. This is an amazing story that happened a few years ago when a storm stranded more than 100 horses in that small plot of land. That place became an island because of the heavy rainwater.



People attempted a rescue on boats but they were able to rescue only 20 of the smaller horses. Unfortunately, 19 horses died during that day however what is amazing to know is the fact that they stood together all the time and tried to overcome such a challenge together, which gives such an amazing message to humans as well. Please watch the video below and share some love for them.




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