Twists and Turns: Pony’s First Ride Becomes an Unforgettable Adventure

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The horse owner is the person who decides at what age his horse will be ready to begin training under saddle, but many experts suggest waiting until the age of 2 to 5 to work under saddle and riding is best put off until the horse is more developed.






If you are planning on saddling your horse for the first time, there are some things you should know about before starting the process. During the whole process, you should be strictly monitoring your horse to see if he is displaying any symptoms of distress or fear.







Of course, it’s normal for a horse to be suspicious of what’s going on, but if he is very anxious and showing signs of tension or sensitivity and you think there may be too much tension, don’t be scared to go back a step. If your horse is acting distressed then you can always leave it for another day, but make sure your horse is comfortable and finds the process easy to tolerate.








In the video shown below, you are going to see a beautiful pony named Spyro who is preparing for his first time under saddle. Spyro has been training for a few weeks but things didn’t go as his owners had planned.







He changed radically after they let her into the ground with the saddle on! She started to buck uncontrollably and even looked like a rodeo horse. Finally, Spyro got accustomed to the saddle! Make sure to watch the entire process in the video below!

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