The Dazzling Escape as Super Zebra Takes on Vicious Lion

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This animal is highly defensive, zebras are also very wary of predators such as lions, hyenas, leopards and cheetahs. When plains zebras sense predators around, they use high-pitched sounds to alert the herd.

If a zebra is attacked, its family will come over and swing around the injured zebra. Together, they try to drive away the enemy to protect the safety of the whole herd.

In the clip, an adult zebra is being attacked by a lioness and knocked to the ground.

It seemed that death was only a matter of time, when the zebra suddenly stood up and counterattacked fiercely. Before the resistance of the prey, the lion still bit the zebra’s neck and chose to knock it to the ground again.

However, just a few seconds later, the zebra got up again and tried to bring the lion into a low position. Thanks to ingenuity and timely use of force, the zebra was able to put the predator in a difficult position and then quickly ran away.

The result of this impressive confrontation was that the zebra escaped and the lion not only lost his prey, but also received a powerful kick in the face.

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