Giant Mystery: Unknown Creature’s Massive Carcass Washes Ashore in Indonesia, Confounding Residents (Video)

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The corpse attracted dozens of locals and maritime scientists to the beach as it had begun to stain the waters around it red. The incident dates back to May 10, where a 15-meter-long creature weighing about 35 tons washed ashore on Hulung Beach in Seram Island, Indonesia. Initially speculated to be either a sperm whale or a giant squid, Marcus Chua, an official from the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, suggested it could be a whale carcass. Videos of the massive creature have circulated on social media, showing the water around it turning red. This is not the first such incident; in early February, a huge, hairy animal carcass washed ashore on a beach in the Diagat Islands, Philippines, leaving locals puzzled. While authorities initially identified it as a sea cow, local scientists later confirmed it to be a decomposed whale carcass.





















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