Celebrating the Joyful Birth of a Giraffe at Henry Doorly Zoo

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On Saturday, Betty Francis, a 10-year-old giraffe living at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Neb., gave birth to a new calf, welcoming the zoo’s first baby giraffe since April 2019.

The newborn, baby boy born July 31, already six feet tall and about 140 pounds, stretched his long legs and stood up on his own for the very first time about an hour after he was born. While his father, Jawari, has already had five calves, the baby marks Betty Francis’ first.

Zoo director Dennis Pate, praised Betty Francis’ new mom skills.She has been a great mom ever since the get-go. Right after it was born, she started cleaning it off, just very attentive.

They are amazing in how fast they’re up and about and running around.

The reticulated giraffe, is endangered in the wild. Every new birth gives us a little bit more hope here.

The newborn calf marks the tenth to be born at the Henry Doorly Zoo and the fourth in the zoo’s current giraffe barn. The public can now catch a glimpse of the baby, whose home is currently open to view.

That is so beautiful and cute of the baby and and mom giraffe.️️They are all so adorable 🥰


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